We have the support of the creator of iracing pitboard!


Brock Cremer

Mr. Cremer is the programmer and creator of the Iracing Pitboard software that runs our IracingIflag Digital Pitboards. 

He has been a long time friend and supporter of IracingIflag and we are honored to have his support because we are the only company that he supports to make and include his software in with our products.

Thank you very much for that Brock! and again, show your support for him by going to his donation page so show your support for him to continue to bring us great new things with the Pitboard software.


About IracingIflag Digital Pit Box (Taking Build Orders Now)


What Do We Do?

We make Iflag and pit box simulation signal boxes that you can use when you are racing in the worlds best race car sim called Iracing. If you would like to become a member of Iracing, please click here: IRACING. To get your own Digital Pit Box go to our SHOP.


IracingIflag Digital Pit Box and What It Does

The IracingIflag Digital Pit Box gives you fast information when it comes to your car: The size of the Digital Pit Box is: L: 3 1/2in, W: 1in, H: 2 1/2inch.

1, How many laps you have completed.

2. How much fuel you will need to finish the race.

3. What lap you will need to pit on.

4. Laps till you run out of gas.

5. How much fuel you have.

5. Weather information.

6. Track Conditions.

7. Average 5 lap speed.

8. Race average lap speed and much more..

When you come down pit road, the box will automatically switch over and tell you:

1. What lap you are pitting under.

2. How many laps you have on your tires.

3. How much fuel was added.

4. What your fuel average is.

5. Tire wear (Left, Middle, Right) of tire.

6. What tires are going to be replaced.

Again, Thank you to Brock Cremer for the hard work he does on the program that runs our Digital Pit Boxes. Make sure you send him a donation for the use of his software. He works very hard to bring the community updates.


What You Get With Our Boxes

Each and every box we send out is programmed, and tested before we ship it. We can even help you set it up.

Your IracingIflag uses power from a USB port, so no power cables.

You can pick what color you want your case to be. We have about ever color you want. If we don't have it, we can order it.

You will have everything you need to fire up your pit box.

List of Colors We Have (Here)


IracingIflag Digital Pit Box Demo

This is the IracingIflag Digital Pit Box in demo mode. Gives you a good idea on how the box works in game. The voice you here is from the Jimmy Johnson Spotter Pack.

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Iracers Lounge Does Review of the Digital Pitboard

Click below to hear what the Iracers Lounge had to say about the IracingIflag Digitail Pitboard.

A few corrections in this review. The software is made by Brock Cremer as stated above.

What was great about this review is, we had no idea what or how this review was going to go. We know we have a good product buy these guys have been around Iracing for a very long time.. I had never spoken to any of them until after this review was done. You can tell that because the good man talking kept calling the Pitboard a "pitting box" So, this was truly a 3rd party review that was done. The big thing is.. he LOVED the product, take a listen.

John Theodore IracingIflag Pit Box Demo

A huge thank you to John and you can view more of his video's at: 


Get Yours Today!

we will be releasing our new IracingIflag DPBGEN2 Pit Box and the end of May. We have made changed to the case and the boards we are using in the new ones are faster than the old Pit Box. The best thing about this is.. We are not charging more for the upgraded boxes!

IracingIflag Customer Testimonoals


Real testimonials

Brandon Schmidt, Iowa- "Glad I got this, the base looks really good!"

Rod Brown, Iowa- "Darn, these lights are bright!"

Fred Campbell, Florida- "Ok, this is pretty cool!, I would of paid more"

Luke Davis, Iowa- I can put this anywhere on my sim rig.

Ron RivenBurgh, Wisconsin- WOW!, No way you can miss these lights when you are racing.

Alex Salmon, Kansas- "Can I buy another one from you?

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