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FAQ's and Install Notes

Please Note

If you need support or you have a free install, and we are logging in to your computer, please make sure Windows is set for ENGLISH.

1. Do you work for Iracing? 

A- No, we don't work for Iracing but we do race on it. To singup for Iracing, go HERE.

2. Did you make the software that run your sim boxes?

A- No, Iflag is a free, open source program made by Petr Vostrel. To keep getting updates of the Iflag software, please support Petr by going to paypal and make a donation. This will help him with new features to the program and also help the iflag community. His paypal address is:

3. What software will I need to run your sim box?

You will need to download and install the following software:

A. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – get it for free from Microsoft.

B. Arduino IDE (only for drivers) – get it for free from Arduino.

C. Iflag is Open Source Program. (Click Here to Download)

     -Click on the ARROW POINTING DOWN on the RIGHT side to download.

(We have a video below to help you install your IracingIflag Iflag.)

4. I need help getting this going, can you help me?

A- Yes, If you got the "Full Package" this is free. If not, please see the IracingIflag Packages tab at the top for paid support. Also make sure you have downloaded and installed TEAMVIEWER so we can log on to your computer.

5. I have all the software, now what do I do with it?

A- See instruction on Installing at the bottom of this page.

6. Do you have a warranty on you boxes?

A- Yes, 30 days from when the items ships.

7. Do you have returns on your boxes?

A- Yes, only if the item is damaged in shipping or the box is DOA. Send customer service an email.

8. Are you a business?

A- No, a friend and I make the boxes at your request and we do the best we can to keep up on orders.

9. So if the software is free, what am I paying for?

A- The time it takes to 3D print the case, the boards, the LED screen, and putting all of it in the box. We do not sale the software but provide you links on where you can go to download. for free. We suggest you donate to the maker of the Iflag software.

10. Can you help me with Iracing?

A- No, go to Iracing support.

11. Do I need a power cord for the box?

A- No, the box runs off a USB port.

12. May I use, copy, send, print, your Iflag case?

A- No, our Iflag cases and our Pitboard cases are Patent Pending.

If you did now see your question, contacts us below.

How to install your iracingiflag iflag

We made a video to help you install your new IracingIflag Iflag. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email or a PM on Facebook.

IracingIflag Iflag Install Instructions

This will help you install your Iflag. It's the same instructions that came with your Iflag.

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