Support for IracingIflag Digital PiTBOARD


Please Note

If we have to log on to your computer for support or free install, please make sure your Windows is setup for ENGLISH.

When you plug your Pitboard in, the screen is all white:

People have been reporting this issue and we are looking in to why this is happening. To fix it, we will need to log on to your computer and reprogram your PitBoard via Teamviewer.

If your IracingIflag Pit Board is getting stuck on the following screen:

"Iracing Pitboard, Version 4.6 by Brock Cremer."

Please do the following to fix this issue:

Open up iappstarter and under the ARGUMENTS box,  leave the com port set to where it is now and after that copy and paste the following:
-g -shw -slt -c

For the IracingIflag Digital Pitboard 3.5 the ARGUMENTS box should read:

com4 -hdmsg -g -shw -slt -c

Make sure you have a SPACE between the com port and what I just told you to copy and paste in to the arguments. So it should look like this.

com4 -g -shw -slt -c

REMEMBER, your com port maybe different from what I listed mine at as com 4.

1. Do you work for Iracing? 

A- No, we don't work for Iracing but we do race on it. To singup for Iracing, go HERE.

2. Did you make the software that run your pit boxes and do I need a power cord?

A-  The Pit Box runs off of USB, so you do not need a power cord

No, The software is made by Brock Cremer.

3. What software will I need to run your pit box?

Here is a step-by-step install video we made to help you install your IracingIflag Digtal Pit Box: (CLICK HERE to Watch)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – get it for free from Microsoft.

Arduino IDE (only for drivers) – get it for free from Arduino.

IappStarter. Software that will run your pitbox.

4.6 Iracing PitBoard Software (Click on the download button on the top) RIGHT by the SIGN Program made by Brock Cremer. Donate to him to help with new updates to be put out.

4. I need help getting this going, can you help me?

A- Yes, If you got the "IracingIflag Digital Box with Support Package" this is free. If not, please see the IracingIflag Digital Pit Box Paid Support Package under "packages".

5. Do you have a warranty on you boxes?

A- Yes, 30 days from when the items ships.

6. Do you have returns on your boxes?

A- Yes, only if the item is damaged in shipping or the box is DOA. Send us an email with your issue.

7. Are you a business?

A- No, a friend and I make the boxes at your request and we do the best we can to keep up on orders.

8. Can you help me with Iracing?

A- No, go to Iracing support.

9. You can also get a list of commands that the pit board uses in iappstarter by going (HERE)

10. May I use, copy, sale, download, or have your Pitboard Case?

A- NO, our Pitboard and Iflag cases are Patent Pending.

If you did now see your question, contacts us below or if you have idea's on what you would like to see on the Pitboard, drop us a email below!

IracingIflag Digital PitBOARD Install

This video will help you install your new IracingIflag Digital Pit Box.


IracingIflagPitBox Install (docx)


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