SHIPPING and Returns


Shipping Cost inside US

Customers inside of the US are in the cost at check out. You will not be billed for more shipping cost.

Shipping Cost Outside of the US

Shipping cost that you pay at check out are set for US customers only. 

Shipping cost outside of the US will cost more. 

When you check out, shipping cost that you pay at that time are for US customers, that amount will be subtracted from the total shipping cost. MOST packages run around $22.50 tp ship outside of the US.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us BEFORE you purchase an item. 

We Do What We Can!

We do what we can to keep shipping as low as we can! I don't like to pay shipping cost, so I am sure you don't as well. But the cost goes in to making sure your items are safe when shipped.


We will guarantee our products for 30 days after the shipping date. If you are out side of the 30 days we will do what we can to help you fix the product or if needed, you can mail the product back to us for repair but you will be reasonable for the shipping cost to and from our shop. 

If parts are needed to repair your product, we will make contact with you and give you the total cost of the repair before we do any work on the product. If you agree to the repair, we will then send you an invoice for the total amount of repair cost and shipping cost to return the item to you.


If you want to return the product within the 30 day limit, you will need to pay for shipping and the item must be in working condition as it was when it was shipped to you.

If the product is damaged or not working then no refund will be issued to you if your intent is just to return the item.

If your return is outside the 30 days, please see above statements under "GUARANETEE".


If you are with in the 30 day return time. You may elect to do an exchange for your product. 

We will send you a new product along with a return shipping label.

We MUST mail the product you are exchanging back to us within 15 days of the new product being shipped to you. If we do not get the exchanged product back, you will then be invoiced for the price of a new product plus shipping costs by paypal.

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