As we have said, we put 70% of what we make back in to the Iracing Community. What does that mean? It means that the more product we sale, the more money we can pump back in to Iracing by sponsoring drivers, race evens, leagues, charity events, and more. When you are making money off this sim, then you should be putting the money right back in to the people who support you. It's the right thing to do and that's what we do here at IracingIflag.

If you are looking for money handouts as a primary focus of a sponsor, then I can tell you.. you have come to the wrong place, or sending us an email saying "Hay, can you sponsor me?" That will not get you very far with us as well. We take this very seriously because when that logo is on your car,.. you are the face of IracingIflag.

What we look at in new Drivers:

1. How long has he/she been racing?

2. What kind of reputation does he/she have?

3. How are his/hers stats?

4. Will he/she fit in well with the other drivers in the program?

5. What kind of driver is this person? Aggressive, dirty, etc..

6. How can he/she help grow IracingIflag?

7. How does this driver finish in races?

8. Is this drivers on a race team?

9. Does this driver steam his races?

10. What league races does he/she run?

11. How much does this driver race each week?

12. Does the driver already have sponsors?

13. What does this driver want from us?

What is the process of becoming a sponsored driver with IracingIflag?

1. Every new driver will fill out an application.

2. Your application will be reviewed by the owner of IracingIflag.

3. Your application will be reviewed by selected drivers already in the program.

4. We will review your stats, reputation, and abilities.

5. We will make contact with you to setup an interview.

6. All information will be collected for the owner of IracingIflag for a final review.

7. You will be contacted on the result.

8. An offer will be made.

9. You will be sent the IracingIflag logo and documents where the logo must be placed.

10. The driver will have his/her car painted up and then the car will be reviewed by the owner of IracingIflag for final approval.

As You Can See

The process is not easy and it's not meant to be easy, our reputation falls on your shoulders when you are on that track racing with our logo on your car. 

Can I Run Your Logo In Show of Support for Your Company?

Some of the questions above will still apply but logo size and placement on your car will be different. You will need to contact the owner of IracingIflag for approval.

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