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What Do We Do?

We make Iflag (Software designed by Peter Vostrel) simulation signal boxes that you can use when you are racing in the worlds best race car sim called Iracing. If you would like to become a member of Iracing, please click here: IRACING. To get your own IracingIflag, visit our SHOP.

Also, to keep getting updates to the Iflag software, consider making a donation to Petr Vostrel. You can do that by going to paypal and sending your donation to:  petr@vostrel.cz. Please put "IracingIflag" in the notes when you send donation.

Take your time, look around! We hope you like what you see and hope you will give our product a test drive. Also keep in mind, we put a LOT of money back in to Iracing. From sponsoring drivers, events, etc.. So, when you buy from us.. you are supporting the Iracing Community.


IracingIflag Simulation Box and What It Does

When you are behind the wheel is Iracing, your eye's are looking down the race track or maybe even in the rear or side mirrors. You may not notice or even hear when the caution comes out, when your car is damaged, if you get blacked flagged or even notice that car beside you, YES.. our box will point to the sides and tell you where that car is. It just makes Iracing more real and can help you become a better driver.

You can not miss the FULL brightness of the LED lights we have in our boxes. When something happens on the race track, you will know very fast.

What signals does our boxes make to help you? You can check out the signals by clicking HERE.

New IracingIflag base. (Pictured Below) We can put your team logo on the base, league logo's, etc... in just about any color, what a great way to show your race team pride and for you guys/girls who put races on,.. what a great way to honor your league champions. 

To get your own IracingIflag, visit our SHOP.

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What You Get With Our Boxes

You can choose from a few different packages that are listed in the IracingIflag Package page.

Each and every box we send out is tested before we ship it. We can even help you set it up.

They go about as fast as I can make them, so jump on it and get your yours soon!

List of Colors We You Can Pick From (Here)

We ship world wide, please see shipping policy.

Upgrade Your IracingIflag

Signal Box Top

Signal Box Top

Signal Box Top


At check out, you can pick the signal top as an upgrade for your IracingIflag..

Tent Cover

Signal Box Top

Signal Box Top


At check out you can also upgrade your IracingIflag to a great new look.

IracingIflag Signal Box Demo

This is the IracingIflag LED Signal Box in demo mode. Gives you a good idea on how the box works in game. The voice you here is from the Jimmy Johnson Spotter Pack.

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Here is a list of all the signals your Iflag will help you on when running Iracing. (HERE)


You can customize your colors to what you want! and also add what you want to the IracingIflag Iflag base! Why not? It's YOUR Iflag!!


Customer Testimonoals


Real testimonials

Brandon Schmidt, Iowa- "Glad I got this, the base looks really good!"

Rod Brown, Iowa- "Darn, these lights are bright!"

Fred Campbell, Florida- "Ok, this is pretty cool!, I would of paid more"

Luke Davis, Iowa- I can put this anywhere on my sim rig.

Ron RivenBurgh, Wisconsin- WOW!, No way you can miss these lights when you are racing.

Alex Salmon, Kansas- "Can I buy another one from you?

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