If you are running the Sim Racing Studio Software, please visit the Sim Racing Studio website and they will provide you with support.

If you are running the Iracingiflag Software, please follow the directions below.

1. Download the Visual Flag System Software

Click (HERE) to download the Flag System software and save it to your desktop. Make sure you read the End User License Agreement/Term of Use in the folder BEFORE you install and use the IRIF software or go to the bottom of the home page and read the EULA, and Privacy Policy.

2. Unzip the file using any zip program, I use Winrar

You can download Winrar by going (HERE)  Download the Winrar x64 file. When its downloaded, just double click the file to install it.

3. Unzip the program to your desktop.

After you have installed Winrar, go back to where you saved the IRIF.zip file and double click on the file and extract it to your desktop.

4. IRIF.exe and Running the Software

After you have extracted the file, you should now see a program called “iRiF.exe”. Run the IRIF.exe file and it will install a folder on your desktop. Double click on the folder and you should see 5 files. One of them is called iRiF.exe, double click that to run the file. The iRiF.exe needs to be in the folder, if you want to make a short-cut so you cn put the program on your desktop, make sure you RIGHT click on the .exe file and choose “Make Short Cut” and drag the short cut icon to your desktop.

5. Plug in Your IracingIflag Visual Flag System Box

With the program running, plug your box in to a USB port and wait for a few seconds and “IRACINGIFLAG” should scroll past on the LED screen. Then wait for the Connected to iFlag to turn GREEN. The Box should now be in demo mode and you should see some of the signals it does.

You can click on the MENU and click on “Demo Mode” to shut it off. Also make sure you go in the menu to setup what things you want it to do.

You do not need to worry about “FIRMWARE UPDATE” this is what I use to install the background program on to the board inside the box.


Some users are having issues with Windows seeing the Visual Flag System after downloading one of the Windows Update files. If you go under DEVICE MANAGER, look for “PORTS (COM & LPT) You should see USB-SERIAL CH340, if you don’t, then you will need to download one of the older drivers listed below. If you need to install it, unplug the Visual Flag System, reboot your computer, and double click on the CH341SER.exe and the driver will be installed. Reboot your computer again.

After the reboot, plug your Visual Flag System back in and run the iRiF.exe file again.

To download the CH341SER.exe check (HERE)

Your computer may say it’s an unsafe file, but it is safe.

Run iRacing

With the program for your box running, connect to iRacing and the CONNECTED TO iRacing box should now turn green.  YOU ARE SET!!! Go win some races!!


Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – get it for free from Microsoft. (Should all ready be on your computer.)

Arduino IDE (only for drivers) – get it for free from Arduino.

Iracing Pitboard 4.7- (HERE) Password- iracing to unzip)Iracing PitBoard Software (Program made by Brock Cremer. Donate to him to help with new updates to be put out. Your virus protection may say this is a virus. This is a false positive. The file is not a virus.

Iracing Manager- (Here) (Password-iracing) to unzip Donate to Yannic Schnetz by logging in to PayPal and send your donation to: (In the note section of PayPal, make sure you put “Iracingiflag Customer”) yannicschne@gmail.com

Here are the Arguments that you will need to put in Iracing Manager: You can cut/paste if you want.

(Small Pitboard) DPBGEN2- Replace the COM number with what com port your pitboard is on.
Type this- com2 -g -shw -slt -c -scd

(Larger Pitboard) Digital Pitboard 3.5- Replace the COM number with what com port your pitboard is on.
Type this:    com2 -g -hdmsg -shw -slt -c -scd

Donate to Brock Cremer for the Pitboard Program by going (HERE)

This video will help you install your new IracingIflag Digital Pit Box.

Here are the Arguments that you will need to put in Iracing Manager: You can cut/paste if you want. (Small Pitboard) DPBGEN2- Replace the COM number with what com port your pitboard is on.Type this- com2 -g -shw -slt -c -scd (Larger Pitboard) Digital Pitboard 3.5- Replace the COM number with what com port your pitboard is on.Type this- com2 -g -hdmsg -shw -slt -c -scd





IracingIflag Lightbar Support

This should get you all up and going with our lightbar. You will need to install a few things and get SimHub setup. We will help you with that. Just follow the directions below. (Please note- We do not offer support for the SimHub Software out side of our pre-saved profile we give to you.)

Download The Drivers For Windows

You will need to download the drivers for the card the Lightbar runs off of. You can download the drivers (HERE) Once you have downloaded and installed the drivers, Windows should now see the card. At the bottom of your Windows bar, do a search for DEVICE MANAGER. In device manager, look on the left side until you see PORTS (COM & LTP) You should see USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM?) The spot where the ? mark is should list a number. Write down that number because you will need it when you program the Lightbar in SimHub.

Plug your Lightbar In

Plug your lightbar in to one of your USB ports. You need to use a 2.0 USB port and you CAN NOT plug it in to a USB hub.

Download SimHub

Go to the SimHub website (HERE) and download the program. You should see a link at the top that says “Download SimHub Now” Once SimHub is downloaded, install it. You might see a donation screen as well to get a license. You don’t need to get a license for your Lightbar to work and getting a license is up to you but it’s only right to donate to them if you are using the program and it’s cheep as well. (IracingIflag is not associated with SimHub in anyway.) If you need support for SimHub, go (HERE)

Also download our IracingIflag Lightbar profile (HERE)

Make sure you save this file to “This PC> DOCUMENTS> SIMHUB

Setting Up SimHub

Open SimHub and on the left side you will see a list, click on ARDUINO. It will being up a list of text displays and at the top you will see MY HARDWARE, click on that. It should then ask how many arduinos you want to connect to SimHub. Click on SINGLE ARDUINO. Under ARDUINO SCAN SETTINGS make sure SCAN ALL SERIAL PORTS is picked. No other changes need to be made on the left side of the screen. Look to the right side of the screen and you COM should be listed under DEVICES SCAN. This is why you needed to open up device manager to see what com port Lightbar was on. If you are not sure, go to DEVICE MANGER again and look. If you have more than 1 USB-SERIAL CH340 listed, just unplug your Lightbar and take note of what com port goes away and plug it back in and it will list the right com port for you.

After you know your COM number, make sure SINGLE ARDUINO is highlighted and click on OPEN ARDUINO SETUP TOOL. If you have a SKETCH SETUP screen pop-up, just click on START FROM STRATCH.

On the left side, scroll down till you see WS2812B RGB LED COUNT. To the left of that you will see a 0 with + and -. If you are using one of our 15 led strip Lightbars. click the + till it reads 15. Under the DATA (DIN) DIGITAL NUMBER, make sure that reads 4 and then make sure GRB ENCODING is selected under that.

Now look to the right of the screen and make sure ARDUINO NANO (ATMEGA328), OLD BOOTLOADER is selected. Under ARDUINO SERIAL PORT, click on the empty box and select the COM your Lightbar was on in device manager. It should read something like (COM3 USB-SERIAL CH340). Check the box by the I UNDERSTAND THAT UPLOADING THIS SKETCH, bla, bla, bla. and click on UPLOAD TO ARDUINO. SimHub should now be programming your Lightbar. When it says UPLOAD SUCCESSFUL, click on the OK button.

At the top you will see RGB LEDS. Click on that and it will bring you to MANAGE YOUR RGB LEDS.

Click on PROFILE MANAGER. You will see some icons to the right of NEW PROFILE, Click on the IMPORT PROFILE. You should now see a file called Iracing- IRIFPresets15.ledsprofile. Click on that and then click save. On the next screen, click on LOAD. All of our Presets should no be loaded for you and you are read to race with your new IracingIflag Lightbar!

On the left, click on games and then find iRacing in the list and click on it. SimHub should run iRacing for you.

You will need to run iRacing under the SimHub program to use your Lightbar.

Support for SimHub

Again, we do not offer support for the SimHub program outside of our saved profile. If you want to play around on the many things the LED strip can do under SimHub please feel free to do so, just make sure you have a copy of our pre-set file so you can come back to it again if needed. If you have questions or need help doing other effects on the Lightbar, SimHub has a great community on their website.