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If you have been around dirt racing on iRacing, you will know these two drivers very well. They are two of the fastest guys on dirt and if you are looking for setups and speed. Get your dirt setups from Matjoulis-Seay Speed Shop. Matjoulis-Seay Speed Shop is a Partner that will give customers of Iracingiflag free deals on dirt setups.


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We have started our new relationship with ButtKicker. With the new affiliate program. ButtKicker will give your sim racing experience to life!
ButtKicker haptic transducers bring tactile feedback to your sim racing experience, delivering the missing car-to-driver connection so you can drive faster. Feel every gear shift, rumble strip, and tire slip with precision accuracy.



The largest dirt racing league on iRacing, Victory Lane Racing. They are behind some of the highest payout races on the iRacing servers with very talented drivers.


DWR was founded April 4, 2018 and hosted some of the best Dirt Street Stock Drivers & Racing Iracing had to offer. Now, DWR has been risen from the ashes with new drivers ready to bring the name back to the status it once was. Keep an eye out for this team on Iracing since they’re eager to bring the name “DWR” back to its former glory. Jim Reavis, driver of the 57 Dirt Street Stock car is one of our Iracingiflag drivers.


Nerditudes are a great group of nerds who love to stream all kinds of content. Check them out as the take over the gaming community. They also do some great broadcasting for iRacing leagues.


Freeky Fast puts on some great broadcasting of iRacing events. A group a guys who love to have fun when they are on the air. Check them out when they are broadcasting.


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