The Iracingiflag Digital Pitboard is very unique in the way it gives you real data, in real time on what your car is doing. Some of my customers have said the information is more accurate than the information they are getting from the black box.

This software was developed by Brock Cremer to give the divers a lot of information at a glance without taking up room on your racing monitors and for people who stream, this is a great resource.

Drivers who don’t like to run a lot of software when they are racing, this is also a great resource for them as well.

The Digital Pitboard measurements are: Width-4 ½ Height-3 3/16, Width- 7/8   (inches) With Case.

The Pitboard acts just like a crew chief would and give this information to you in real time, by each laps, and every time you change the way you are driving your car. That’s what makes the Iracingiflag Digital Pitboard a must have for asphalt drivers, road course drivers, and even some dirt drivers.

The Pitboard will adjust the information it gives you when you are racing. Such as:

  1. How fuel to add.
  2. Tells you what lap you will need to pit on.
  3. Laps till you are going to run out of fuel.
  4. How much fuel you have left.
  5. What your average 5 lap fuel burn is.
  6. What you total race fuel burn is.

When you come in to the pits, the Digital Pitboard will then switch screens and give you information the following information.

  1. Lap you are pitting on.
  2. How many laps you went on the current tires.
  3. Optional Repair Time.
  4. How much fuel was added.
  5. Your fuel average.
  6. Your tire wear.
  7. Fuel to add.
  8. What tries you replaced.

This is all done with out taking up valuable monitor space and without flipping to different screens on your black box. If you want to change tires or add fuel, you will need to set that in your black box.

Once you get use to the Digital Pitboard, drivers have told me that it’s hard to race without it.

The Digital Pitboards come in three different packages, all of them come with a ¾ mount and screw so you can mount your Pitboard to just about anything.

Standard Package- Comes with the pitboard and install instructions. (No free install or USB cord)

Mid Package- Come with the pitboard, install instructions, and USB Cord.

Full Package- Come with pitboard, install instructions, USB cord, and free install.

Keep in mind, when you place your order, your name will go on to a build list. Most orders take about 2 weeks but depending on when your ordered and where your place is on the build list, it could be a little longer. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Brock Cremer

Mr. Cremer is the programmer and creator of the Iracing Pitboard software that runs our IracingIflag Digital Pitboards.

He has been a long time friend and supporter of IracingIflag and we are honored to have his support because we are the only company that he supports to make and include his software in with our products.

Thank you very much for that Brock! and again, show your support for him by going to his donation page so show your support for him to continue to bring us great new things with the Pitboard software.