Iracingiflag has teamed up with Sim Racing Studio to bring our Visual Flag System to even more sims.

If you run RFactor1, RFactor2, ARCA Simracing, Turismo Carretera, AC, ACC, AMS2, F1, just to name a few sims that Sim Racing Studio Software will work on. Make sure you visit the Sim Racing Studio website for the full list of sims, so we can get our Visual Flag System working on what sim you are racing on.

As Sim Racing Studio says “FEEL THE GAME LIKE THE PROS”, they are not joking. They also provide great attachments for any sim rig that you may have to make your racing experience even more realistic than ever before. Again, you have got to check the website, I am sure you will find something you are going to want.

When you get your Visual Flag System, make sure you check the box “Load the Sim Racing Studio Firmware” so we can load the firmware in for you and once your Visual Flag System arrives, you can go to the Sim Racing Studio Website and download the software and in just a few minutes, you Visual Flag System will be going and the best part is, you will have your own flag man and in some Sims such as iRacing, you will have your own Spotter as well pointing in the direction of what side the car is on, displays gear, RPM and shift indicators.

If you ever need help with the Sim Racing Studio Software, they will be more than happy to help you get going. They pride themselves on giving the best support they can, just like we do at Iracingiflag.

We hope you check them out and soon you will FEEL THE GAME LIKE THE PRO’s!

List of sims our Visual Flag System will work with on the Sim Racing Studio Software: