The Iracingiflag Visual Flag System is the best visual aid on the market when it comes to sim racing and what makes our flag system the best is because it’s the only one on the market today that is using the updated WSLED panel, 64 LED lights and the best hardware you can have powering our Visual Flag System. Thanks to Indika Deepal Weerasinghe, (Our programmer) There is no need to download any drivers to run our system!, plug the Visual Flag System in, run our software and you are off and going when you are iRacing.

Our Visual Flag Systems are not what you see on the “Make it yourself” video’s or ones that you see being sold on Etsy Do not fall for replicas, we have been making Visual Flag Systems for over 4 years now and we were the first ones to get them on the market. We put about 70% of what we make back in to sim racing, the people who are making replicas of our product are in it for your hard earned money and put nothing back in to sim racing and that’s sad to see, If it doesn’t say Iracingiflag on your product, then it’s not what you should be buying because we support you and the sim’s you love to race in.

Your Visual Flag System will come with software that will work on iRacing and if you race in more sims than iRacing our Visual Flag System works on different sims on the market if you are using the software from Sim Racing Studio. You check out the list of race sims the Visual Flag System will work on using the Sim Racing Studio Software and find our more information about this by going to our SRS section of our website.

All the Visual Flag System have a built in ¼ screw mount on the bottom of them, this means you can mount the Flag System to just about anything.

The Flag System measurements are: Wide- 4”  Height- 4 5/6” Length- 1 3/8   (inches)

This makes it the largest and brightest Flag System on the market.

You can get the Visual Flag System in three different packages: Standard, Mid-Package, or the Full Package.

The Standard Package comes with the Flag System and a free Rig Sticker. You pick the color.

(Optional Upgrades- Signal Top, Lens Cover, 80/20 Mount, Desk Stand, and a 10ft USB Cable)

The Mid-Package comes with the Flag System, Rig Sticker, Custom Stand, and a 10ft USB cable. You pick the color.

Make the Visual Flag System Personal as well. We can add just about anything to the front of the base. Driver name and car number, and a logo if you wish)

(Optional Upgrades- Signal Top, Lens Cover, 80/20 Mount, and Desk Stand)

The Full Package comes with the Flag System, Rig Sticker, Custom Stand, 10ft USB Cable, and a Free Install and you pick the color.

You can also personalize what you want on the base: car number, driver name, logo.

(Optional Upgrades- Signal Top, Lens Cover, 80/20 Mount, and Desk Stand.)


The LED lights are very bright and should not be used with people who have issues with bright blinking lights that trigger seizures.


If you are running our Flag System on iRacing, the system will also act as a spotter for you are well, telling you if you have a car on the right or left of you. The Flag System will do much more than that, it will tell you if your coming down the pits too fast, if your car needs repaired, all of the common flags such as: green, yellow, black, red, etc. The Flag System will do over 36 visual effects.

Design Patent Pending: US # 29-741-743

Keep in mind: when you place your order, your name will go on to a build list. Most orders take about 2 weeks but depending on when you placed your ordered and where you are on the build list. it could be a little longer. So, it’s a 1st come, first service build list. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Optional Updates for the Visual Flag System

The Lens Cover gives your Visual Flag System the “Dark Tent” look and gives a nice look for the system.

Want your Visual Flag System to look like the lights at the speedway? Then you will like the look of the Signal Top upgrade. It will give that extra real look to your sim rig.

You can get the stand if you plan on putting your Visual Flag System on a desk or a flat surface.

Great for mounting on a sim rig that has the 80/20 rails. Put the Visual Flag System in the mount and just slip the mount in to your rig and your done.